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Code Vane is developing customized solution including software and hardware which ensure business needs. We believe in continuous process improvements to achieve customers’ business goals within shorter terms and optimal budget.

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We are ready to help you building great solution within your budget and right time.

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We are a group of designers, engineers and content specialists passionate about what we do. Together we form one of the leading custom software companies in Bangladesh for software development outsourcing. We offer software development and content management services to international customers across multiple industries. We understand the challenges that our customers face within and across these industries. We provide practical, pragmatic and powerful solutions to address those challenges.

Culture Of Creativity

Great software is all about creativity. A company can hire the most skilled people with great passion but without a proper culture the teams can never create great software. We acknowledge this fact every day.

We work hard to ensure that the creativity is nourished by our environment. Teams have total independence in their way of work, our spaces are defined by the need for time for reflection and thought. Even our sitting arrangements are based on patterns for contemplation.

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